The Best Mini Hi-Fi System Review


” The best speaker is not the one who gives the most, but the one who loses the least,” said John Bowers


How big is the room in which you plan to place your speakers? Although bookshelf speakers can be quite impressive, if you have a large room will have no effect as in rooms up to 15 m2. It also applies the other way around – standing speakers will never sound as good in smaller rooms. The best thing about bookshelf speakers is that, thanks to the fact that small and dual-system, you can sit very close to them and hear all units simultaneously, or tweeter and woofer unit never give the impression of a separate action.


Selection of speakers can greatly influence the improvement of the style of music that want. Fortunately, most bookshelf speakers sound great in all styles of music, but some have more bass and detail than others. Some are “measured”, and as such are suitable for jazz or acoustic music, while others breathe better with rock, pop or rap. Specifications of the speakers will give you lots of information about the sound, so we advise you to read reviews or even better -try speakers live.


Most people assumed that the amplifier and receiver should combine the characteristics of the speaker, but it’s not quite true. It is necessary to pay attention to matching the strength and resistance of the amplifier and speakers, but even though the amplifier and speakers have similar sound characteristics.

For those who want a good sound, but do not want to dwell on selecting individual components, there are mini lines – ready stereo systems containing all the components in one device.

Are you planning to put together a system for home theatre, make sure you pair the speaker with a suitable AV receiver and be sure to check with the speakers you buy appropriate surround, central and bass versions. For a high quality surround sound, the use of complementary speaker of very high importance.


Most AV receiver has an integrated amplifier, but still need to be careful to choose a sufficient force of his amplifiers, which must always be at least 50% higher than the minimum requirements of a particular model of speaker. Also, if the declared power amplifier 100 watts in stereo mode, you have to consider that they will lose about 20% of its strength in multichannel mode, which means it will probably be about 80 watts per channel or per speaker. And most importantly – Never connect the speakers of least resistance to the amplifier much resistance because they can fry your system.


There are son many hifi systems like: SoundTouch, Samsung Wireless Audio Multi-room, Onkyo, Bluesound etc.